Select the Good Occasion Venue

Organizing a big occasion entails a variety of moving items, however the alternative of where to hold the event can really assist with putting these items into place. Here are some factors to think about first when choosing an occasion venue.


This is likely one of the most simple factors. What is the funds for the event? A decrease cap may limit the options more, but alternatively, there are ways to make any type of event work. An organization picnic in a public park, as an illustration, or a house concert. For bigger gatherings, like trade conferences and weddings, many hotels offer great value packages and/or providers and amenities which are well worth the price.

When thinking about funds, keep in mind that many areas require hosts to purchase insurance in case anything goes wrong.

Location, Parking, Accessibility

If the event venue is too inaccessible, it will definitely put a damper on the festivities and cause added stress for the coordinators and visitors alike. If persons are arriving from all over, it’s finest to have handy (ideally free) parking nearby. There are ways around this, relying on the price range and location: valet parking, public transportation, shuttles, carpooling, uber, and more. If parking is going to be a problem, look into which of these would possibly work instead.

In some cases (conferences, vacation spot weddings, campus parties), all or a lot of the attendees will already be staying in the identical place. More typically than not, it’s easiest to host the gathering there. Inquire with the hotel, school, or different group to see what their options are.

Capacity, Size, Layout, Accessibility

These associated considerations are additionally key. The occasion venue’s fire codes and other safety considerations will decide how many individuals can attend, so plan accordingly. Even when the capacity permits for the number of attendees expected, make sure it’s not cramped or awkward for the activities planned. (Is there room to dance? Are there areas to sit and chat?) Additionally consider wheelchair accessibility, lavatory altering tables, and other accommodations based mostly on who will likely be in attendance.


Virtually as vital as the physical space is the vibe of the room. Hosts can deliver their own decor, however it’s more work if the starting point is much off the mark.

Meals, Drink, A/V, and different Amenities

Often, an event venue will have a kitchen that can be used. Many will provide catering or have offers in place with specific vendors. Sometimes hosts are required to arrange vendors themselves; if so, it’s essential to find out what each vendor requires (access to power shops, for example) and see that these things are available.

Make sure to find out what the bar situation is like as well. Many, however not all, locales have staff and liquor on hand.

Audio and visible hookups are key. Will there be live music? A slideshow? Then preparation is a must. Running sound and video is a job for experts. Make positive to work out beforehand whether or not or not the venue provides employees for these jobs. Look into whether the venue provides different employees (set up, clean up, wait-service) as well.

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